How to pair wine and food

In this section we would like to give you advice and tips on how to combine the right wines to your favorite Italian dishes.


What wine should one have with pizza?

Particularly tannic wines are not suitable for pairing with pizza.

Since pizza does not contain a sufficient amount of succulence and juiciness, if combined with a very tannic wine it would risk causing an excessive feeling of dehydration on the palate.

In general, therefore, given that white wines, rosé wines and sparkling wines are fresher, they are more suitable for pizza. In some cases, however, even certain types of fresh and low tannic red wines can be paired with pizza (such as our Bardolino).

“Red pizza”, like for example Pizza Margherita, having tomatoes as basic topping ingredient, will already have an acid and fresh component. For this reason it shouldn’t be further emphasized with wines with too marked acidity. At the same time, its flavor shouldn’t be masked by excessively tannic wines.

Un vino bianco, un vino rosso o un vino rosato di media struttura sono un buon compromesso di abbinamento alla pizza rossa.A white wine, a red wine or a medium-bodied rosé wine are a good compromise for pairing with red pizza.

A “white pizza” on the contrary, especially when topped with dairy products and fatty cheeses, will lend itself more to a combination with white and sparkling wines with greater acidity, freshness and aromatic intensity, so that the acid component of the wine can harmonize and balance the fatness of the ingredients.

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