How to pair wine and food

In this section we would like to give you advice and tips on how to combine the right wines to your favorite Italian dishes.

Fruits and Desserts

The pairing of desserts with wine is a classic example of matching by concordance: sweet foods are in fact paired with sweet wines.

The combination by contrast only works with salty dishes.

With desserts we must think by analogy: a dessert must not be dampened by a dry taste that would ruin its sweetness.

The rules of concordance also apply to the structure of the dish. A dessert with a heavy structure requires a wine that stands up to comparison.

As for fattiness, which in many desserts is declined as “buttery”, the contrast is instead valid. In such cases, we will try to combine a sweet sparkling wine, which balances the greasiness of the butter with its freshness, while the sweetness of the wine supports and enhances that of the dessert.

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