How to pair wine and food

In this section we would like to give you advice and tips on how to combine the right wines to your favorite Italian dishes.

Raw Fish

Carpaccio and tartare of tuna, swordfish or shrimps, sea bass and sea bream are characterized by a notable marine flavor and delicacy of their meat. A good wine pairing should not overwhelm these sensations and overpower the food. The best choice are dry, non-aromatic white wines with moderate acidity and alcohol.
For shellfish (such as mussels and clams) the situation is different as in addition to sapidity there are succulence and aromaticity, that require combinations with young white wines, not too acidic, fragrant, but not excessively aromatic. Wines such as Soave and Lugana will be able to best enhance the flavor of the sea characteristic of shellfish.

Even though oysters with champagne is a popular combination, this is actually not the best choice, since the acidity of champagne does not mix well with the zinc present in high doses in oysters. Harmonious, delicate and fruity wines will be the perfect match for oysters. They have a certain fatness and a marked salinity, which leads them to be well enhanced even with more mature wines with aromatic complexity.

Slightly oily and savory, salmon tartare can be paired with wines with a more intense and persistent taste. If, on the other hand, we have to combine a wine with tuna tartare, with its tasty and consistent meat, a better choice would be rosé wine: fresh, floral and citrusy.

Soave DOC Classico 2022

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