How to pair wine and food

In this section we would like to give you advice and tips on how to combine the right wines to your favorite Italian dishes.

Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese is generally suitable for pairing with white wines.

These rather fatty types of cheese have usually a sweet tendency. The wines to be paired must be light and not full-bodied, to counteract the fatness of cheese.

As for creamy and soft kinds of cheese such as crescenza, quartirolo, primo sale, robiola and squacquerone, where the acidulous tendency is quite marked together with the aromas of milk, a better option is to go for white wines with fruity or floral hints, fresh in acidity and soft like Soave.

Depending on the cheese, it is possible to go from fresh and medium-bodied wines for the more delicate varieties, to more important wines, even aged in wood, for types of cheese that are stronger in taste.

The only exception is robiola, which also goes well with red wines: a good example is our Valpolicella.

Soave DOC Classico 2023 0,75L

Valpolicella DOC Classico 2021 0,75L

Chiaretto di Bardolino DOC Classico 2023 0,75L