How to pair wine and food

In this section we would like to give you advice and tips on how to combine the right wines to your favorite Italian dishes.

Cold Cuts

A good rule of thumb when pairing wine with cured meats is to choose a young, low-tannic red wine that is able to accompany the dish without covering its flavors. But there are many other aspects to consider:

  • Salty food stimulates your taste buds. The perception of salty will be higher in long-aged cured meats, such as raw ham. It will be less in fatter ones, such as salami or mortadella, where the taste buds will instead perceive a sweeter tendency. When flavors and spiciness increase, wines with greater aromatic persistence are recommended. As for fat cured meats, it’s advisable to choose a more structured and persistent wine.
  • Even white wine can be paired very well with cold cuts: with its minerality it cleans the mouth from fattiness, enhancing other characteristics and aromas of meat.
  • When the food gets more complex in flavor, so should the wine. To accompany the rustic flavors of game cured meats we will need, for example, a full-bodied red wine with a good amount of tannin.

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