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Wines from Collezione Famiglia Lenotti can be purchased online or directly from us in Bardolino and are not available in our normal distribution chain.

They are produced with grapes carefully selected for the particular exposure of the vineyards, with very low production yields and hand-picked and born from the following vineyards owned by the Lenotti family:

  • La Prà vineyard for our Bardolino Classico and Chiaretto Classico
  • La Grola vineyard for Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore and Amarone della Valpolicella Classico
  • Betulla vineyard for Custoza
  • Froscà vineyard for Soave Classico
  • Le Coste vineyard for Pinot Grigio

In all our vineyards, particular attention is paid to respecting the environment through the use of all possible agricultural production techniques aimed at reducing any polluting effect of agriculture, thanks to the use of cultivation protocols and cutting-edge machinery, such as:

  • progressive conversion of our vineyards towards organic cultivation techniques;
  • mechanical weeding without any use of chemical herbicides;
  • mechanical stripping without the aid of products;
  • use of “recovery” atomizers;
  • defoliation of vineyards in order to increase air circulation in the vineyards in order to eliminate antifungal products;
  • the use of drip irrigation systems in vineyards in order to reduce waste;
  • the creation of collection basins for the recovery and reuse of rainwater, avoiding its dispersion.

By keeping an ecosystem as natural as possible, we safeguard the land and aquifers, our health and that of the people who work in the vineyards and produce more genuine wines.


The quantities produced of the LENOTTI FAMILY COLLECTION wines are extremely limited and the bottles are individually numbered, making them unique and exclusive.

In order to maintain quality at the highest levels, we produce a very limited quantity for each wine, equal to 1,000 bottles per type, numbered for each wine from 1 to 1,000.


If you love Lenotti wines, these wines are a must in your private cellar.